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I've been posting on Flickr for years and it's hard for me to believe that in that time I have amassed over 50 million views the site and thousands of followers. Although the site has changed over the years, and for the better in my opinion, it remains my favorite platform dedicated to the sharing photography. If you are interested in photography and aren't familiar with the site you have missing out.

The quality of the work varies, however, in my opinion there are some world class artists/photographers posting work there for a variety of reasons, mostly because they enjoy sharing their work with the community. Most importantly, Flickr doesn't censor as long as images are appropriately categorized and the reasonable community standards are adhered to. Being a site that allows the posting of adult nudity, there is a lot of the typical non-artistic nudity that you must wade through in order to find the "fine art nude" work. Fortunately there are searching tools and interest groups help to sort the wheat from the chaff.

You will need to have an account and turn the safe filter OFF in the user account settings in order to see restricted content (nudity). My advice for finding the higher quality artists/photographers is to first find a photographer whose work you like and then check that person's "favorites". Chances are you will find more work by different Flickr members that align with your tastes by using this technique. I follow a few specific accounts strictly because of their curation of favorites. Another tip is to look for the "PRO" accounts which indicates the Flickr member is paid subscriber and therefore has a better probability for having quality work.